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What to Pack? | The Ocean Week

What to Pack?

What to Pack?

Our goal is to give you the Best week of your life, while maintaining mutual respect on all sides for the benefit of everyone. We give you some hints so you can be the Star of this week!

Travel Bag
Our yachts has a lot of space, but they are not a same as an house. So in order to maximize space you should pack in a soft duffel bag, no hard suitcases!

Special Parties
Our special parties are meant to create a themed environment so we just suggest you the theme and you should use your imagination to express yourself and to help make it EPIC!

  • Lost in Island – Crazy flowers patterns, colourful attire, fruity props. Some ideas for you
  • Pirates Assault – Appocalipse is coming from the Ocean, we will conquer our Land again! Some Ideas for you
  • The 90’s Fever Party – Only 90’s Fashion Allowed out here! We are sure you remember what was fashion at that time! Impress us. Some ideas for you
  • All in White – At least a part of you should be white!
  • Some ideas for you


Bathing suits
Flips-flops and sandals. Sneakers or fashion shoes for the nigh clubs.
Shorts are fine everywhere
Evenings can be cool – bring something warm

Beach Towels

Cool Sunglasses

High factor sunscreen
Cleansing wipes
Lip balm (with SPF)
Anti-nausea medication if you get sea sick

Nice to have
Country flags or other flags
Snorkling kits
Portable Speaker
Aux cable
European adapter
Phone charger and battery pack
Disposable underwater camera / GoPro
Your own water bottle to minimize plastic use
Earplugs and an eye mask
Cards, chess or board game
Fairy/LED lights for your yacht

Travel insurance
Valid visa
Valid passport
Local currency
Cash for Security Deposit on Check-in.

No need to Pack
Heavy clothing – wool takes a long time to dry
Expensive jewelry
Linens and pillows, they’re provided for you