The top reasons why I’m totally in love with the life on deck

The top reasons why I’m totally in love with the life on deck

Boat trips are often overlooked as a way to see the world. We always seem to have limited time, so we fly, we play the typical tourist role and hardly ever let go to truly explore. After going on my first cruise back when I was little, I had instantly fallen in love with everything about boat trips. Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy the life on deck a couple of times more and be able to really explore the beautiful Mediterranean. Every trip I’ve taken, would always make me end up wishing for more days at sea. So people often ask me why I love cruises and sailing so much. Here is my answer.


1.   The way it makes me feel

While on board, nothing really seems to matter, that’s the magic of it. Whether you go on a two weeks long cruise or a daily boat trip, whether you arrive at your destination or you reach somewhere else, or maybe you never get anywhere at all… Once you are out there in the blue, life instantly feels better, at least for me.

2.   The simplicity

Spending your days in the ocean equals simpler life, period. You hardly ever use any electronic devices. You don’t rush from place to place. You have no real timelines or deadlines, or stress. Most importantly, you learn how little a person needs in order to be happy.

3.   The awareness

I have always been environmentally-conscious. However it is definitely much harder to live a “green” life while on land. Sailing the ocean even for a day makes me feel more connected to the nature. It instantly brings back the awareness, hence it makes me much more conscious when it comes to most of the decisions I make daily, from water consumption to shopping choices.

4.   The sunrises & sunsets

Life on a boat means you have at least one open horizon. Sunrises and sunsets just never get boring. For people who like sun gazing as much as I do – there is no better place for it than the middle of the ocean.

5.   The wildlife

From tropical birds to beautiful dolphins, there is so much wildlife to be seen! It’s absolutely beautiful.

6.   The adventure

Some days are great, some not that much – but days are always an adventure that leaves you with a story. It never gets old, never unexciting.

And if you are lucky enough to be sharing this adventure with your friends and loved ones, even better. This means that you get to have the time of your lives. And now you can!