The art of travel conscious

The art of travel conscious

Are you familiar with it? We are…

We live in an increasingly smaller world. New technologies are moving products, ideas, and people across our planet in shorter times than one could ever have conceived in the past. The environmental concerns to protect our planet are real and we take it very serious…

That does not mean that you need to stop travelling and enjoying a great time, discovering new places, meeting new people, connecting nature and having blasting experiences.

Let us show you how!

Travelling with Zero emissions? WOW

Travelling means you will need a transportation, but that does not mean you can’t reduce CO2 emissions!

Have you ever imagine that you could visit more than 150 miles of coastline and islands without releasing 1 gr of CO2 to the atmosphere?

That’s correct, all of our yachts are sailing yachts which means that they move by the energy of the wind so the CO2 emissions are ZERO. They yachts will be both your transportation and your holidays home.

Not only your yacht has the capability to generate and store energy from the sun and wind, which allows it to be totally autonomous while you are living on board, it is also equipped with fresh water makers, that will allow you to transform sea water in fresh drinkable water. 

Be part of Nature

Get in touch in mother nature is one of the ways of you to understand how much life exists in our planet and the importance to take care of it! 

Living on the ocean is truly an intense experience! Out of the concrete jungles you will be in constant contact with wildlife and natural beauty that will make you relax and feel really involved in it.

Don’t forget to say “Hi!” to our friends Dolphins!!!

Enjoy Paradise without footprints

Who said you can’t spend a night in paradise?

Coastline paradises must be preserved so that they can remain paradises. Big hotels and resorts turn natural paradises into random places, and they have a huge impact on natural beauty and natural life… but… You will not need a hotel or resort to stay in a paradise anymore.

One of the amazing things of holidays onboard is that you simply move your holiday “home” to wherever you want. You will be able to park your home in front of a paradisiacal beach or island to spend the day or night and once move on with your route, the paradise will continue paradise, with minimal human footprints!

Having fun and helping the world

Obviously, when it’s holiday time, everybody wants to have fun! So, is it possible having fun while doing something? The answer is YES!


There are a lot of small steps that will not impact your holidays but will have a huge impact in your life and in the world. 

Reduce plastic consumption with our reusable cups, freshwater management, leave the beach how you found it… we will let you know everything, just Join us 🙂