warmest, beautiful and unique

One of Europe’s oldest countries is also one of its warmest and definitely one of its most beautiful. A trip to Portugal is a land of vibrant cities and gorgeous landscapes, with fascinating history and friendly, welcoming locals who love showing you their city. Like beaches? Some of Europe’s best are here. Foodie? Portugal’s grilled fish is among the freshest and tastiest.

  • Where
    Portugal Algarve Coast
  • When
    Jan – Dec
  • Pace
    You own pace
  • Food
    Cataplana, Fresh Fish, Seafood
  • Location Highlights
    Cliffs, Caves, Sandy Beaches
  • Currency
  • AVG Prices
    Glass of Beer: 3€
  • Day Temperature
  • Night Temperature
  • Daily Sunshine
    12 Hours


  • Departing Marina
    Portimão Marina
  • Fly to
    Faro (FAO) Lisbon (LIS)
  • Accomodation
    7 days on private yacht
  • Moorings
    You decide
  • Group Size

Your word, not ours

  • Amazing!

    Ocean week was a great experience. I met a ton of wonderful people who were guests and also the organizers made us feel like family!
    Rachel Spriet
  • I super recommend it!

    The best sunsets, great parties, and a lot of new friends and stories to remember.
    Alan Popovsky
  • Pure Magic!

    The Ocean Week experience was pure magic. I would do it a thousand times
    John Pitta
  • Best week ever!

    From all the sailing weeks I’ve attended (in different countries) this was definitely the best! To repeat!
    John Pitta

Day by Day
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Start your escape in the bay of Portimão by relishing the local food and atmosphere before hopping aboard our yacht, meeting new faces, and getting ready to celebrate your first night.


    The Portuguese answer to Ibiza. Filled with trendy bars and dazzling beaches, Vilamoura is a socialite’s paradise. You and your new posse can start your day slow quad biking on the town’s hills or pop the champagne for mimosas and lazy sunbathing.

      Ilha da Culatra

      Private culinary experience? Yes please. Culatra is a private island with boat-only access off the coast of Portugal. Spend the day snorkeling the sparkling water and sunbathing on pristine beaches because well, why not?

        Ilha do Farol

        Sumptuous small fishing village where you’ll have the chance to taste the best lobsters on the Mediterranean coast. Once satiated, chill in the water or explore the rest of the island before prepping for another extravagant night.


          Ferragudo boasts a perfect bay for anchoring, making it a popular spot for boaters and sailors to relax and take in the beautiful scenery.


            João de Arens is a lovely coastal town in the Algarve region, perfect for a day stop on a boat to explore its beautiful beaches, quaint shops, and delicious seafood restaurants

                Looks great, but how exactly does it work...?

                • Choose your
                  Choose where you want to set sail!
                • Choose your
                  Decide when you want to do get onboard
                • Choose your
                  In Private charter you can decide your yacht. Catamaran or sail yacht?
                • Choose How You
                  Want to Pay
                  Easy Booking conditions

                Some Frequently Asked Questions

                • Skipper and Hostesses

                  Skipper is mandatory on your reservation, for your extra comfort and safety. The price is shown in the check-out bookings area.
                  Hostess extra does not include food. You should do a briefing with your hostess before boarding and agree on the menus and products that they need to cook for you. If you don’t hire a Hostess the shopping must be made by your crew, if you hire a Hostess he/she can take care of that for you.
                  For Skipper or Hostess, the price does not include food costs, so you should provide at least 3 meals a day to your new friends.

                • Payments

                  You can pay the entire booking amount in one Lump Sum. By using Credit Card, PayPal or BitPay.


                  Payments can be made in installments — Available soon

                  1. the first payment of 10% of the total cost must be paid within 24 hours of booking;
                  2. the second payment of 40% of the total cost must be paid no later than 35 days after the booking date;
                  3. the third payment of 50% of the total cost must be paid no later than 60 days before the week start; In any case 60 days before the event all the payment must be done and confirmed.
                  4. If the booking is made in the period of 60 days before the event beggings (check your booking to see the exact date), a payment of 100% of the cost must be paid upon booking.


                • Passport and Visas

                  It is your responsibility to have valid travel documents. You must ensure that you have a valid passport and any necessary visas to enter any country you are visiting, including transit stops, prior to your departure. We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with these requirements.

                • Flights / Transfer

                  As we cannot provide compensation or reimbursement for lost flights, guests are advised to book flights to and from the relevant destination well outside check in and check out times in order to accommodate for any unforeseeable or unpreventable circumstances.
                  We can help you find the best way to arrive to the Marina. We can arrange a transfer for you. Just let us know.

                • Cancellations

                  If you choose to cancel your booking, we must be informed by your Crew Leader, by email to Welcome@theoceanweek.com. Any payment received from you triggers our obligations with suppliers, so any cancellation by you will incur a cancellation charge plus a 5% administration fee. The minimum charge will depend on the time of cancellation:

                  1. From booking date to 91 days before event date (check your booking to see the exact date) – 50%
                  2. From 90 to 60 days before event date (check your booking to see the exact date) – 80%
                  3. Within 60 days of event date (check your booking to see the exact date) – 100%