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The Ocean Week | Book Your Week Now | How it Works?

How it Works


Choose your Week

Our Sail adventures will take place during the summer (June, July & August). All events are 7 days long, starting and ending on Saturday. Every day you will sail and explore a stunning new place on your route.

Portugal Original Route

Hard Pace:

*Hard Pace Routes: Yacht, Cabin and Solo Spot booking available. More people, more fun, exclusive parties.

  • Week 2 | 25 July – 1 August 2020
  • Week 3 | 1 August – 8 August 2020

Slow Pace:

*Slow Pace Route: Yacht booking only. Less people, less yachts, perfect for relax.

  • Week 1 | 18 July – 25 July 2020
  • Week 4 | 8 August – 15 August 2020
Greece Hydra Route
  • Week 1 | 20 June – 27 June 2020
Mallorca Palma Route
  • Week 1 | 6 June – 13 June 2020

Gather your Crew

There is an option to book a yacht for up to 12 people, a cabin for 2 or a spot for 1. When inviting friends for this incredible experience, bear in mind the minimum age required is 20 years old.

Type of yachts

Yachts can accommodate between 6 and 12 people. You can choose between a catamaran and a monohull, which come in a range of sizes depending on the dimension of your crew. Usually, we use monohulls from 40 ft to 50 ft and catamaran from 38 ft to 45 ft. This is an example floor plan of a standard yacht.

Monohull which has between 3-5 cabins.


Catamaran floor plan which has 4 cabins

Both of them, have double as well as bunk beds available. Depending on the reservation, we will inform you about the configuration of the vacant yachts.

Skipper Cabin

The skipper will have its own cabin, in front of the yacht. If the boat does not have a skipper cabin, the skipper will sleep in the communal area in the central living space.
Alternatively, if that does not suit your interests, you can offer the skipper a bed in one of the cabins.

What’s Included

Included with your booking:

  • Professional skipper with excellent local knowledge
  • 7 days accommodation on your yacht
  • Navigation and sailing equipment
  • Free WiFi on your yacht
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Towels and linen, final cleaning
  • Motor dinghy
  • Special daytime activities
  • Access to open & exclusive parties
  • Themed parties
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Floating parties & DJ sets
  • Stereo & Cockpit speakers

Additional costs

  • Port fees
  • Yacht fuel
  • Skipper & chef’s tip
  • Yacht security deposit
  • Food & Drink
  • Water taxi
  • Flights
  • Food and Drinks for Skipper and/or Hostess


You can make your Ocean experience even better by adding our special services and equipment:

  • Hostess
  • Chef
  • Daytime activities & adventures
  • Airport transfers
  • Extra Stand up paddleboard & Snorkeling equipment
  • Food & Beverage package
  • The Ocean week uniform (Polo, sweatshirt, cap)

Daytime Activities

There are several ways to discover the true sensations of the ocean. We selected the most significant experiences for you to have the week of your life. Each day there will be different activities included on your package, let us surprise you. You can also add extra activities to your package, check “book your week”, the extras could be found on the last steps.

Planning & Booking

Book a Yacht

You can book an entire yacht, all it takes is one registration to do it. The reservation will only be completed once the payment in full is made. If convenient, it is possible to split payments across multiples credit cards or others options of payment.
We require a ratio of 50/50 male to female but can change according to the reservations. Get to know other adventurer sailors through our social media pages.

Book a Cabin

You can book a cabin for two persons; the cabins booking are depending on the availability of the yacht at the moment of reservation. All the cabins are in the monohull sailboat. You can choose your type of cabin (double room or two single beds).

Book a Solo

You can book a Solo Spot for one person; the solo spots booking are depending on the availability of the yacht at the moment of booking. Be aware that by booking a solo spot you will share a cabin with your new mate! The assignement of solo spots are made with same gender people. All the cabins are in standard monohull sailboat. You can choose your type of cabin (double room or two single beds) depending on availability

Hurry up, the Ocean is waiting for you!!