How to get Here

The easy way to get in Portimão Marina is to fly directly to Faro. You can find a quite reasonable offer of airlines operating there. You can find all the airlines and destinations by clicking here.


From Faro Airport to Marina, you have several options to choose. The most practical one is taxi or charter. You can rent a charter by your own or simply let us take care of that for you. There are other options such as Bus or Train, that will take you to the Train or bus station in Portimão that are around 3 km from Marina. If you are looking to save some money you can fly directly to Lisbon. During the high season the flights to Faro could be expensive, and in some cases, you can save some money flying to Lisbon. From Lisbon to Portimão you can go:
  • By plane to Faro
  • By tranfer (we offer you our own option during reservation)
  • By Bus to Portimão
  • By Train to Tones, and get another train to Portimão
From Faro to Portimão you can go:

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How to get here