Beach, Please!

Beach, Please!

7 Epic things you will do as an Ocean Weeker!


  1. Dance Somewhere different

Have you ever done a dancing battle in the middle of the Ocean? Well, get Ready for it! Free your soul, express yourself and dance to the sound of the music with the wind on your face.

  1. Sand Rocks!

Don’t you wish to take that epic picture, distinct from the rest of the world, on the most absolutely epic place? All along the South Coast of Portugal you can find the most strange Rock formations: Caves, secret Beaches, magic cliffs, we show you the best, you just need to choose your own secret spot.


  1. The Hot Rods rides

The best way  to discover the lands of Algarve, in style! If you like to have your hair blown by the wind, this is definitively the best way to release stress while touring though the magnificent historical streets of Lagos.

  1. Welcome to my party, Beach!

Picture a long sandy Island, now picture a Bar on it with only the best Bangers , some fresh cocktails and a full moon… Here you have the epic beach parties of all! Dance all night with the sand on your feet on a virgin beach with the summer hot temperatures.

  1. Long Days, Long Nights

Clubs Clubs and more Clubs, Algarve has the best clubs, the only problem is the choose 1, Don’t worry we take you to the best, with the Best Parties. Nights are long, colorfull, warm, and parties goes until the sunrise.

  1. Go Local!

You will have a completely local experience, off the tourist track, we will show you the most exclusive and hidden places. We are talking in terms of the natural beauty, the unequalled local dishes and the fanciest clubs that only locals know. Don’t worry you will meet your new local friends when you arrive 😊

  1. See you next year Pal…

Embrace new experiences, have the time of your life, connect and unite with your fellows Sailors in this adventure of a life time! You will make friends for the rest of your life…