Family Ambassadors

As we look to EXPLODE brand exposure around the world, we are excited to introduce the concept of Family Ambassador to help The Ocean Week take over the world.

Are you: Dedicated? Super Active? Adventurer legend? Love to talk with people? Champion? The fastest beer drinker in town?

YES? So this is for YOU!

Help us on super-charge our bookings and expand our brand!

In return, you will have the chance to earn some great commissions (really great) on each booking sold, and attend our amazing weeks for free!

Could you ask for any better job?

So if you’re interested, please send us and email to INFO@THEOCEANWEEK.COM

with the following information:


Last Name


Whatsapp number

Why would you be a great Family Ambassador? 

Experience in sales/marketing? Are you based in a market where you think that are great potencial to have more members in our Family? How would you promote to get members in our weeks? Do you have a huge networking?

What country/area/city are you based in? 

See you in the Ocean, Cheers!