Aditional Costs

There will be some additional costs over the course of the week.  We made a forecast of the costs in Portugal South Coast Rote, to help you plan your trip.

The cost of life in Portugal is cheap. During the high season, the prices could increase a little but are still lower than the rest of South Europe Countries.

  • Port fees depend on the marinas. Alternatively, there are some nights you can sleep anchoring at night and there are no fees.
  • Fuel: this varies depending on how much the boat will use the motor or sails;
  • Water and shore power are included in port fees
  • Food & Beverage are easy to find in SuperMarkets nearby Marinas.
Total / Yatch Total / Person
Port Fees 260€ 26€
Fuel 200€ 20€
Total 460€ 46€