5 Reasons why you will need your Ocean Week After Pandemic

5 Reasons why you will need your Ocean Week After Pandemic

1 Relief from enclosure

We know how stressful it is to be in quarantine at home for so long, we are feeling the same!

What better way to relief the stress caused by quarantine than having the most unforgettable holidays? That’s right; we invite you to treat yourself by having the time of your life discovering new places, meeting new people and cultures while getting in touch with the REAL world again!

2 Away from Big crowds

Is there any safer place to be than in the middle of the Ocean? Away from big crowds?

We are aware of this new global problem and that’s why we have made some changes to make sure you can have a great time in totally secure conditions!

  1. Each week will be even more exclusive with only   4-10 yachts maximum per week.
  2. Paradise is safer. We already preferred to take you off the beaten tracks, away from crowds on the most unexplored and exotic places.
  3. Smaller is better > The true meaning of exclusive > our parties on cosy beach clubs with international Djs who you can easily request your favorite song!
  4. Your security is our security > we are ready to prevent and to react in case of any emergency. In all the weeks you can count with medics and nurses onboard and emergency fast RIB, that will quickly take you to land in the unlikely event of emergency!

3 Strong emotions

After so much time confined at home is your body and mind ready for some real emotions?

Well, let’s check it in the best way! There are a lot of experiences waiting for you during your Ocean Week.

Smile from the heart again, feel that adrenaline over your body once more, meet new smiles, and who knows, fall in love again!

4 Fresh Air

Get out of the concrete jungle, there is nothing better to purify your body and soul than a bit of fresh air and nature contact.

One of the lovely things about sailing is the contact with nature and natural life!

You will be impressed with the places where a yacht can take you and how your feelings will be amplified by 1000x.

5 Freedom

After the end of all restrictions about circulation, social isolation and staying at home you will definitively need to feel and touch your freedom again! In your Ocean Week you are the owner of your life, you can choose what to do and when!

Want to swim with the dolphins while sailing? DO IT

Want to have a cold drink on a desert beach watching the Sunset? DO IT

Want to dance until morning on a desert island? DO IT!


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