3 ways of booking your week

3 ways of booking your week

Want to have the best week of your life but not sure how??? Let’s keep it simple, here you have a quick help to book The Ocean Week.

1.Are you a group of Friends (5-10)?

Booking a Yacht is for sure the best option!

If you already have a crew, you just need to choose what type of yacht.

Premium yachts: If size matters for you, go ahead, pick one of the big ships!!! Our premium yachts offer bigger spaces and better comfort, air conditioning, better sound systems, larger and better WC. Those are just one of the features that you will find on these dream floating beasts! Style and design are also very important, all the premium yachts are modern and you will look great in every picture…

Standard yacht: Looking for the best value for money? Check our offer of standard yachts. We have premium selection of yacht at the price of standard for you!

Enjoy more each second of your Ocean Week

No matter your type of yacht, you can always add a Chef or a Hostess to optimize each second of your trip! They will do all the cleaning for you and provide you that extra pleasure on the table with their delicious typical dishes, or that dream breakfast after a long night of dance…

Hostess starting 560€/week.

Yachts From: €599 per person

 2. Are you a Couple? 2 friends? 4 Friends?

Cabin: All of your friends had other plans for Summer and you don’t have enough people to book a yacht? No worries, your friends will be jealous! You can have a Cabin for 2 persons on our shared yachts, meet some new friends, and enjoy the week with your new fellows! So far, the perfect ways to do the Ocean Week, to meet new people, to get away from the beaten track and to increase your network…

Cabins are distributed by standard yachts 2 or 4 cabins. The 50-50 min ration is always guaranteed

  • Skipper included
  • Port fees and diesel fees are included
  • If all the crew agree you can add a Hostess too.

From: €800 per person

 3. Are you a Solo Traveler? 100% Adventurer?

Solo Spots: Are you looking to totally get away from routine, meet some new people, and be an adventurer sailor? Ready to share a bed in one of our yachts? If you check all this requirement you should book a solo spot in one of our yachts. You will share a Cabin with your new pal for a week, it could be a boy or it could be a girl, feeling lucky? Try it!

  • Skipper included
  • Port Fees included
  • Diesel included

From: €880 per person